Monday, 9 August 2010

UK Box Office 6-8 August

The box office is on fire as school's out and family-friendly films fill the multiplexes. The fight for 3D screens hurt the chances of new entries STEP UP 3 and CATS & DOGS 2 as TOY STORY 3 held on to most of its screens. Tom Cruise still has some pulling power, and if it weren't for the Pixar monster, he'd have had a respectable number one. GAINSBOURG hanging in the Top 10.

1- TOY STORY(£4,641,352)
2- KNIGHT & DAY (£2,388,240)
3- INCEPTION (£2,250,991)
4- STEP UP 3 (£2,000,887)
5- KARATE KID (£1,404,687)
6- THE A-TEAM (£1,370,832)
7- CATS & DOGS 2 (£739,861)
9- TWILIGHT: ECLIPSE (£321,163)
10- GAINSBOURG (£86,253)


  1. Not a great opening for Cats and Dogs 2, despite teh 3D element. Not a good time to release a kids film with Toy Story 3 about, methinks. Especially with Twilight, Karate Kid, Shrek and Step Up (the latter two also 3D) all also appealing to kids of various ages...

  2. I'm surprised The Concert isn't up there by sheer word of mouth.I've never seen such a disconnect between critical opinion and the comments I heard in the foyer yesterday.'I'll definitely see that again when it's on','marvellous','wonderful''I'll tell all my friends about it'.Admittedly it was the Tuesday matinee.However,I must admit that I went not expecting very much at all,but was completely won over.Iexpected a Europudding with badly accented English,but no,people spoke their own language.It's manipulative,sentimental,a hokey fairy tale that ends with not a dry eye in the house,so up yours comic-book fan-boys and your one-star reviews;there is a market out there for this sort of thing,which Hollywood lost the knack about the time Bette Davis retired.

    And spasibo bolshoi,Jon for the excellent sound system which showed the music off to such great advantage

    Jennifer A9