Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The Next 100 Years

Today the Duke of York's Picturehouse turns 100. When I started the job in 2004, this anniversary seemed a million miles away, and it lingered in the back of my mind for about four years. Then in 2008 we started slowly planning our celebrations, and two years later, here we are.

The Duke of York's has been more than my workplace for the past six years - it's been the place that has allowed me to do everything else: pursue my MA, travel to festivals, write this blog, record our podcast, work with extraordinary people, with artists, performers, musicians, comedians and above all the core staff that has been with me since the beginning: Flick, Tora and Jimmy. And of course talking to our wonderful customers. For all of that I owe the Duke a lot.

So although today is all about looking backwards to our history, I want it also to be an opportunity to look to the future of our little cinema. For some time we have been pursuing the expansion of the Duke of York's into the Fire Station next door, and recently there have been some developments which give us hope. Our plans include building a few more screens, a bigger cafe/bar, even a restaurant, and perhaps a partnership with another cultural organisation in town which would significantly expand the amount of arts on offer in Brighton & Hove. As soon as we can, we'll announce more.

Until then, do pop by this week to wish us a happy birthday and leave your own memories of coming to the Dukes. If you're farther away, check out our history website and send us a message.


  1. Happy Birthday! I love the Dukes, and while your plans for the future sound exciting, please be careful not to destroy the very special intimate atmosphere of this wonderful cinema.

  2. Happy Birthday from me also! I love the Duke of York's cinema, it's a wonderfully charming and intellectually stimulating place. I am a London-gal (and huge cinema-fan/ ex-film student) but hope to visit again soon. I have fond memories of sitting in your soft armchairs, with a slice of homemade cake, good friends and an edge-of-your-seat French thriller. Should you be interested in a guest-blog or any other written pieces, do give me a shout!
    City Girl x
    Twitter: @citygirlec1

  3. you and your team are doing a fab job John. DOYS is one of my fav places in Brighton!


  4. Brilliant work! A night at the Duke with my One and Only and an Earl Grey tea is, for me, a perfect night out.

  5. Happy Birthday DoY and thanks for giving me a place to escape to on a wet, windy afternoon when work just gets too much!