Monday, 8 November 2010

UK Box Office 5-7 Nov

The power of comedy rules this week's box office, with the HANGOVER -style comedy DUE DATE taking the top spot, followed by gross-out shocker JACKASS 3D. The American remake of the Swedish vampire flick LET ME IN failed to fulfill its purpose of bringing the original to wider audiences. THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT also fails to take off, perhaps because it opened too wide, not allowing it to build on a platform -style release.

1- DUE DATE (£2,336,882) (New)
2- JACKASS 3D (£1,624,153) (New)
3- DESPICABLE ME (£1,175,849) (4 weeks, total £16,861,243)
4- SAW 3D (£1,066,839) (2 weeks, total £6,406,516)
5- PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 (£685,885)(3 weeks, total £9,874,392)
6- RED (£588,659)(3 weeks, total £5,536,624)
7- THE SOCIAL NETWORK (£540,785) (4 weeks, total £9,028,547)
8- LET ME IN (£487,785) (new)
9- BURKE AND HARE (£332,595) (2 weeks, total £1,738,128)

Next week we have CITY SCREEN distributed MY AFTERNOONS WITH MARGUERITTE, and Paramount's SKYLINE, so the numbers shouldn't look too different.


  1. What about We Are What We Are for next week? That looks ace.

  2. I did wonder about The Kids are All Right-on at all venues in Brighton;perosnally I enjoyed it,but when I've recommended it to people the men among them don't seem to want to know as it's about lesbians(sad,but true) unless they are young and glamorous,and the women don't seem keen either,for reasons I can't fathom,unless it's the lack of George Clooney;I wonder what made it different in the US?

    Jennifer A9

  3. 'Let Me In' ROCKS!!!!

    Love Owen/Abby!!!!