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Monday, 14 March 2011

UK Box Office 11-13 March

New entry WAR OF THE WORLDS-esque BATTLE: LOS ANGELES takes the top spot with a solid if unimpressive 1.7 million. The other two new releases in the top 10, HALL PASS & FAIR GAME fail to attract much of an audience. THE KING'S SPEECH, at its lowest position ever on this chart, clocks another 700K into its mountain of cash.

1- BATTLE: LOS ANGELES (£1,790,894)(NEW)
2- RANGO (£1,536,888)(2 WEEKS, TOTAL £3,612,765)
3- UNKNOWN (£1,037,502) (2 WEEKS, TOTAL £3,157,009)
4- THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU (£910,729)(2 WEEKS, TOTAL £3,080,931)
5- HALL PASS (£899,280)(NEW)
6- THE KING'S SPEECH (£689,299)(10 WEEKS, TOTAL £43,256,669)
7- PAUL (£559,411) (4 WEEKS, TOTAL £13,230,514)
8- GNOMEO AND JULIET (£551,802)(4 WEEKS, TOTAL £14,744,764)
9- FAIR GAME (£302,704)(NEW)
10- WEST IS WEST (£248,424)(3 WEEKS, TOTAL £2,091,615)

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  1. Harry Potter at the DOY?It's enough to make me cancel my membership. NO.I say,NO,NO,NO and thrice no!A lot of your regulars won't have a clue what's going on,having not seen the previous god knows how many.Plus did I see some mention of the Royal Wedding?Have you seen the numbers that are fleeing the country?As it is I had to defect to the Odeon last week to avoid yet another showing of the Monarchical Stutter.Is there no possibility of reviving some decent older films during the HP season-for instance all those Herzog films you've been showing at times when only the tired,emotional and living close by can see them?

    Loved Archipelago-it's a sort of Rorschach ink blot test film-you can read whatever you like into it-I think full-blown incest is a possibility

    Jennifer A9