Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Newer, Slimmer Splendor

I've decided to stop posting the box office figures on Monday. I started posting them a couple of years ago, and at that time no one else posted the Top 10 on a Monday morning. About a year ago, Charles Gant started his really well written column in the Guardian where he breaks down the week's releases by numbers on Tuesdays. Now also posts the figures on a Monday, so the purpose of the posts (to provide industry with a top 10 with some analysis) is being covered by others.

In fact, my whole relationship to this blog has changed recently as my workload increases. I post a lot less, and I am sorry for those regular readers. I will still post reports from Festivals, and when something in the industry happens that grabs my attention you will hear from me.

I spend a lot more time on Twitter these days, posting from the cinema's account: @Dukeofyorks and my own: @splendorcinema. The podcast is still going strong, now 53 episodes in, and you can download that on iTunes or at the Picturehouse website.

Hasta pronto!

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