Friday, 30 March 2012

A new venue

I return to the UK tonight after a week at the Vilnius Film Festival KINO PAVASIRIS - and as sad as I am to leave, I am super excited because of the news about our expansion being announced today back home.

For months now we have been in talks with the KOMEDIA, a great music, theatre and comedy venue in the heart of the North Laine in Brighton, about expanding the Duke of York's into their building. After finalising the details we were able to announce today that we're building a new three screen cinema inside the Komedia building. I'll be managing both sites and overseeing the opening, which is targeted for December this year.

We've been looking to expand for many years, with many unfruitful attempts at moving into the fire station next door - but this new development not only means more screens, it also begins a collaboration with a legendary Brighton venue and gives us presence in the heart of the city, in its coolest area.


  1. Glad to see you are able to extend the film venue but I have very mixed feelings about it being linked with the Komedia.

    I used to go to the comedy club quite a bit but now refuse to attend any of their events. They seem to have a policy of ramming in as many people as they can and their customer service is dreadful. I know many locals who refuse to go there any more because of this.

    So I'm very glad that you now have more space to show your fantastic films (I'm very much a regular at the DoYs)but I really hope you can keep your brilliant customer service and unique identity and not merge into the Komedia brand - which is certainly not as valued in Brighton as it once was.

  2. Very informative post, thank you for sharing.