Monday, 24 January 2011

Uk Box Office 21-23 Jan

The phenomenon that is THE KING'S SPEECH rolls on with no signs of letting up. As Oscar time approaches, the buzz will become a fever and then, presumably, an epidemic. Its weekend gross was only very slightly down from last week's, showing the legs the film has. In any other week, BLACK SWAN's opening would have been a number one spot (specially with a near £8K screen average). High concept and star driven films THE DILEMMA and MORNING GLORY fail miserably, proving that churning out generic product only works if you have a recognisable property attached to it. N.E.D.S. had a robust opening with nearly £4K screen average, third highest average in the top 10.

1- THE KING'S SPEECH (£4,193,961) (3 weeks, total £18,272,615)
2- BLACK SWAN (£2,704,406) (New)
3- GREEN HORNET (£1,187,393) (2 weeks, total £3,830,737)
4- THE DILEMMA (£1,101,561) (New)
5- GULLIVER'S TRAVELS (£986,918) (4 weeks, total £13,726,584)
6- 127 HOURS (£803,929) (3 weeks, total £5,799,821)
7- LITTLE FOCKERS (£684,926) (5 weeks, total £18,250,519)
8- MORNING GLORY (£524,072)(New)
9- HARRY POTTER & THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 1 (£339,940)(10 weeks, total £51,850,426)
10- N.E.D.S.(£281,855)(New)

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