Monday, 17 January 2011

UK Box Office

Momentum was popping champagne as THE KING'S SPEECH conquered the box office for a second weekend in a row, this time with even an even higher gross and screen average. With a Golden Globe in the bag, and Oscars surely on their way, this film has 'legs' and could run for months. Many arthouse cinemas across the country were also celebrating in-house box office records (including the Dukes), wishing there were more adult crossover hits like these.

1- THE KING'S SPEECH (£4,390,184) (2 weeks, total £10,739,800)
2- THE GREEN HORNET (£1,876,030) (New)
3- 127 HOURS (£1,339,954) (2 weeks, total £4,364,963)
4- GULLIVER'S TRAVELS (£1,247,401) (3 weeks, total £12,490,712)
5- LITTLE FOCKERS (£1,219,165) (4 weeks, total £17,154,981)
6- LOVE & OTHER DRUGS (£603,513) (3 weeks, total £4,689,964)
7- THE NEXT THREE DAYS (£538,118) (2 weeks, total £1,997,035)
8- HARRY POTTER & THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 1 (£529,785) (9 weeks, total £51,325,438)
9- CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE VOYAGE OF DAWN TREADER (£407,421) (6 weeks, total £13,547,819)
10- TRON LEGACY (£330,423) (5 weeks, total £9,753,146)


  1. Perhaps the distributors will take note there is an adult audience out there ,hungry for anything(and I use the word advisedly);I'm afraid I found the King's Speech rather drab and disappointing;the acting from Colin Firth was excellent,BUT he didn't resemble Bertie in any way physically;Guy Pearce would have been better from that point of view.I found myself mightily distracted by the decor of the consulting room -surely a Harley Street landlord would not have tolerated several stripped down layers of wallpaper for years on end-and poor Claire Bloom all that bosom padding and terrible wig for two or three lines?Dosesn't Philip Roth pay her any alimony?
    As with the Damned United I tried to tell myself that the physical grotesqueries were a reflction of the protagonist's warped viewpoint-but,no,I think Tom Hooper has no eye.

    That said,I'm listening to all the old ladies in my village saying it's the best film they've seen in decades,so who am I to judge,and can only rejoice that it's put bums on seats

    Jennifer Seat A9

  2. Just noticed that Tron was outgrossed in the UK by the latest Narnia film. That's a bit rubbish.