Monday, 24 May 2010

UK Box Office 21-23 May

The hottest weekend of the year kept audiences away from cinemas, but the few that did show up seemed to go ga-ga for STREETDANCE 3D, boding well for Universal's release later in the year of STEP UP 3D...the final STREETDANCE figures include a whole week of previews. PRINCE OF PERSIA opened to a disappointing third place, probably dashing any hopes Disney had of a PIRATES repeat. And Lionsgate can't be happy with the result for BAD LIEUTENANT, which presents a tough marketing conundrum: too arthouse for the mainstream, too Nic Cage for the arthouse.

1- STREETDANCE 3D (£2,412,326)
2- ROBIN HOOD (£1,357,214)
3- PRINCE OF PERSIA (£1,296,407)
4- IRON MAN 2 (£522,030)
5- KITES (£233,470)
6- FOUR LIONS (£194,437)
8- HOT TUN TIME MACHINE (£192,135)
9- BAD LIEUTENANT (£167,843)
10- THE BACK UP PLAN (£158,483)


  1. Bad Lieutenant is one of the best films I've seen this year. I didn't think it was too "arthouse" at all. Anyway, what are our Arthouses (not just you!) showing next week? Sex & The Fraking City 2!?! I know it's probably gonna be hot outside... I know it's Half-Term... But are there ANY "proper" films out next week? Had a look at the schedules, and there's nothing to get excited about until Chris Nolan's Inception... And that's in JULY! (OK, I haven't seen YOUR line-up for June yet - and I'm not too proud to eat my words, if required!)

  2. I agree-Bad Lieutenant is very agreeably bonkers-at least there were no naked women being beaten up(cf the last 2 films I saw-Agora & the disappearence of Alice Creed)Nic Cage's character was quite tender towards his hooker girl-friend.As for SATC- Bradshaw's review is hilarious-I've actually seen Satantango(and enjoyed it)-perhaps we can have a showing as light relief-or,even Spongebob Squarepants.I just hope that SATC makes the money as required,otherwise there's no excuse

    Jenifer seat A9

  3. PS-anyway,Nic Cage has arthouse credentials-Leaving Las Vegas,Bringing out the Dead,Rumble Fish,Birdy,Wild at Heart,etc,etc,.Who could resist that inimitable horse face?

  4. SATC has already made more money before it even opened than Bad Lieutenant did all week long....sad but true!