Monday, 14 June 2010

UK Box Office 11-13 June

Get used to it folks. As long as there is sun and a world cup, these figures will be this bad. New entries LETTERS TO JULIET failed to turn DEAR JOHN numbers, BROOKLYN'S FINEST didn't become TRAINING DAY 2 and GREENBERG (which Universal seemingly dumped out there with no marketing push) didn't crack £2,000 screen average.

1- SEX AND THE CITY (£1,482,906)
2- STREETDANCE 3D (£676,997)
3- LETTERS TO JULIET (£584,444)
4- PRINCE OF PERSIA (£476,944)
5- DEATH AT A FUNERAL (£411,222)
6- THE TOOTH FAIRY (£365,327)
7- ROBIN HOOD (£359,712)
8- BROOKLYN'S FINEST (£333,595)
9- SHE'S OUT OF MY LEAGUE (£175,003)
10- (£131,618)


  1. Is there Football on, then?! You sound a bit miffed about the lack of support for Greenberg - I assume that it and The Killer Inside Me aren't doing well, then? Hope to see both of them this week...
    Can't believe that Inception is over a month away...

  2. Have already seen the Killer Inside Me-am prepared to mount a full defence against the Daily Mail tendency;2 facts to bear in mind;unreliable narrator and 1950s setting;PTSD syndrome.Look forward to Greenberg tomorrow.Will post further thoughts on the Winterbottom film when I have time


    Jennifer Seat A9

  3. I've seen some of the top 10 films on this list & I can tell you they were pretty poor. The others I wouldn't touch with yours! I did enjoy Robin Hood, but it wasn't one of Ridley's best.

    I'm also looking forward to Greenberg. The football wouldn't make such an impact if some decent films were out... Sex & The City was a shocker.

    (review of some of these films can be read on my blog

  4. Further thoughts on the Killer Inside Me:enlarging on my cryptic comments: it's a voice over,so remenber anything seen on the screen is froman unreliable narrator-a familiar concept to Eng.Lit students-for instance how could the guy narrate his own death and destruction -unless he was in Sun set Boulevard-the music helps here'Una furtiva lagrima'from L'elisir dell'amore (a furtive tear' from the elixir of love-Opera by Donizetti;also Abendrot from Strauss'4 last songs(Evening)-looking forward to death.

    PTSD-familial abuse was a national past time in the UK in the 50s-these guys had seen horrific things in the war-I speak from personal experience as someone born in 1942-I can't speak for the US -they weren't
    there for the same amount of time,but I can't imagine it was a whole lot different


    Jennifer Seat A9