Monday, 28 June 2010

UK Box Office 25-27 June

Another dire week, and now that England are out all we need is some rain! These figures dont include the SHREK FOREVER AFTER preview numbers, which will make it number one film next week. WHATEVER WORKS and TETRO opened to dismal numbers, but you cant gauge anything right now due to weather and football.

1- GET HIM TO THE GREEK (£1,062,927)
2- KILLERS (£385,425)
3- SEX AND THE CITY 2 (£353, 362)
4- PRINCE OF PERSIA (£151,909)
5- DEATH AT A FUNERAL (£118,041)
6- STREETDANCE 3D (£112,606)
7- THE COLLECTOR (£107,453)
8- LETTERS TO JULIET (£102,966)
9- WILD TARGET (£87,700)
10- ROBIN HOOD (£86,922)


  1. I fancy Whatever Works but not Tetro. Is there ANYTHING else for an "adult" audience, right now?! I despise "formula" films like Get Him To The Greek ("Here's that fella off the telly with that chubby fella who was in that movie..." YAWN!)
    I've said it once and I'll say it again: I can't WAIT for Inception! Proper movies for people who enjoy proper movies - IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?! And... Rest...

  2. I've seen the Woody Allen & Tetro-Loved them both after so much dross;don't take any notice of Bradshaw's 1-star review for Tetro -he's talking out of his nether regions;it's essentially an opera directed by an elderly Italian-American,and like opera is NOT realistic;but,hey,film isn't realistic either-I hope to have a funeral like that portrayed in the film ;a full orchestra performing Brahms'no.1.Give it a go,Binary.

    As for Woody-it's back to the 'old,funny films'.Best line-I can't entertain erotic thoughts about a member of the NRA

    Best films for many a week

    Jennifer Seat A9

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