Monday, 13 July 2009

Harry Potter Arrives to Sweep Us All Away

Next Friday, the latest Harry Potter films arrives, making almost any other release irrelevant that week. The universal appeal of this film is hard to overestimate, as not only will children come out in droves, but also teenagers who grew up with the stories, and adults who read the books will flock to the multiplexes. Then of course the parents taking the whole family out.

Add to that huge anticipation given the delay in the film's release and the more grown-up themes (and glossy magazine photo-shoots) that have accompanied the marketing campaign and story lines, and there is no limit to what this film could gross from Friday.

What to do if you have a cinema and don't plan on showing HP6? You counter-programme and cater to the hardcore arthouse audience who have absolutely no interest in the young wizard. We are certainly doing that by showing eight different features, including Clare Denis' 35 SHOTS OF RHUM, Polish WW2 drama KATYN, Herzog's ENCOUNTERS AT THE END OF THE WORLD, Michael Mann's HEAT, UK indie MOMMA'S MAN, Cuban film THE SILLY AGE and end of the world doc THE AGE OF STUPID - oh and fantastic THE MOON AND THE SLEDGEHAMMER. Phew!

Something for everyone. Except Harry Potter fans.

If you can't beat em, don't join 'em, ignore 'em!

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