Monday, 18 January 2010

UK Box Office 15-17 Jan

Oh boy. So AVATAR wins the Golden Globe, most likely the Oscar, and is the number one at the box office FIFTH week in a row. Cameron certainly knows how to create global phenomenons eh? More on the awards fever in another post.
BOOK OF ELI doesn't really make the splash it made stateside, and UP IN THE AIR carries a decent £4k average.

1- AVATAR (£5,496,485)
2- SHERLOCK HOLMES (£2,030,332)
3- ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS (£1,537,032)
4- UP IN THE AIR (£1,300,851)
5- IT'S COMPLICATED (£1,300,419)
6- BOOK OF ELI (£1,231,642)
7- DAYBREAKERS (£804,732)
8- THE ROAD (£472,610)
10- ST TRINIAN'S 2 (£282,047)

1 comment:

  1. Good GRIEF, Chuck! I can only assume this is a Pro-3D move by the "Industry"? I'm counting on The Academy to have a bit more class... Award Best Director to his Ex-Wife!
    The Book Of Eli is watchable thanks to "The Denzel" - I even swallowed the twist!?! But why, given that is was shot on the Red One Camera, did I end up watching it in 35mm? Digital Projection for ALL!