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Thursday, 21 January 2010


Nikki Finke's DHD blog picked up the story I posted about a while back, about the proposed UKFC-BFI merger.

It's no surprise that there is an intense power struggle between the two instituions, and the nature of the merger, which at first seemed to be a takeover of the BFI by the UKFC, seems to be tilting towards the BFI. Whatever the outcome, it would be wise for them to fix the problem before a Tory government comes in and slashes both their budgets and forces them to co-exist in a much less thoughtful way.

The UKFC, with its emphasis on production and business, and the BFI, with its cultural remit, are strange bedfellows and it won't be pretty to see them working together. However, it is true that this country (and this industry) doesn't need two government agencies.

No matter what the result is, I sure hope exhibition doesn't get even less help than it currently does (a hard thing to do!).

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