Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Toulouse Day 2

Today we spent over eight hours talking about the intricacies of each country: Spain, Croatia, Ireland, Lithuania, France and the UK, unsurprisingly, are each complex and very distinct film markets. The most heated debate actually happened over lunch where I argued the logical benefits of getting rid of DVD windows altogether (in France it's the law that a film can't come out on DVD for at least four months) and I was surprised to learn that film sales contracts sometimes include clauses about the exact chronology of different media platforms.

After the workshops, I met up with Nicaraguan filmmaker Florencia Jaguey, who is here presenting her new film LA YUMA, fresh off wins at Guadalajara. We mainly discussed ways to hep CINE ESTELI. Turns out she was a location manager for Ken Loach's CARLA'S SONG - it's a small industry.

We also had a chance to watch LA NANA, a new Chilean film which has been gathering buzz at festivals. It tells the story of Raquel, a live-in maid who after 20 years of service begins to lose her mind. It was funny, well written and acted, fast-paced and contains a shift change half way through that is very satisfying. A joy to watch.

Today we will spend the time talking about and defending our projects (mine is Cine Esteli) and then a screening of Mexican feature ALAMAR. Review to follow tomorrow.

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