Monday, 29 March 2010

Uk Box Office 26-28 March

This week the numbers are a bit skewed as KICK ASS and HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON both had previews, but those figures will be in next week's tally. NANNY beats ALICE by a very small margin. Not bad for a home-grown 2D family film...

1- NANNY MCPHEE 2 (£2,564,467)
2- ALICE IN WONDERLAND (£2,493,022)
3- BLIND SIDE (£1,309,822)
4- SHUTTER ISLAND (£1,142,906)
5- BOUNTY HUNTER (£994,656)
6- GREEN ZONE (£464,764)
7- THE SPY NEXT DOOR (£393,109)
9- SHANK (£251,990)
10- AVATAR (£220,133)


  1. Shutter Island is still hanging in there, isn't it? I'm looking forward to seeing it again. I Love You Philip Morris appears to have TANKED! Rubbish title, even WORSE poster, and an annoying "Jim Carrey doing that Jim Carrey thing" Trailer... But, apparently, it's not that bad - has anyone seen it?
    Goodbye Avatar... Hello unnecessary, 3-D retro-fitted, Clash Of The Titans remake... Good GRIEF, Chuck!?!
    Kick-Ass at The Dukes it is, then... What has happened to Whatever Works?

  2. Saw Shutter Island this afternoon(at the Odeon,sorry),have to agree with you,Jon it's the best film of the year so far;anyhting that has a conversation like 'I like the music-isit Brahms''No,Mahler' is a film for grownups-immediately takes you to the thought of Mahler's best-known work,Kindertotenlieder(Song of the Death of Children).Relevance doesn't have to be pointed out.Fabulous Hitchcock references,e.g back-projection in the opening scenes,plus many other.

    Mr.Binary,I love P.Morris is on at the Dukes nest week,so you can make up your mind