Monday, 15 March 2010

Uk Box Office 12-14 March

ALICE IN WONDERLAND continues at the top (with audiences choosing 3D over 2D by a factor of eight) while Scorsese's new entry (and my favorite film of the year so far) SHUTTER ISLAND enters at number two. The competition between Scorsese and Greengrass' GREEN ZONE was definitely on Paramount and Universal's minds when they opened these films, with similar target demographics, on the same weekend. In GREEN ZONE's case, the Iraq war theme won over the Bourne Ultimatum look - keeping some audiences away.

1- ALICE IN WONDERLAND (£8,890,090)
2- SHUTTER ISLAND (£2,217,727)
3- GREEN ZONE (£1,539,944)
4- AVATAR (£628,626)
5- HACHI: A DOG'S TALE (£431,705)
7- THE LOVELY BONES (334,305)
8- THE CRAZIES (£248,706)
9- THE PRINCESS & THE FROG (£217,120)


  1. I have found out to my cost just how much people prefer 3D over 2D. Took a gamble on ALICE IN WONDERLAND when everyone else was dithering with Disney but admits here for the 2D version have been dire. Doesn't help that the movie is absolute rubbish as well!
    Lesson learned though. If you don't have a 3D screen, avoid anything released in 3D as you will regret it!

  2. The Crazies was the best film on that list - last night a few friends tweeted that they were watching Snakes on a Plane on TV, & I could honestly say that I preferred that film to Avatar & would choose it to watch again in a heartbeat!

    I'm starting to really dislike Avatar...

  3. Shutter Island certainly was a better film than Green Zone (from a Punter's POV). It would make a great Friday Late Night at a certain Cinema... (Hint!)
    I presume Crazy Heart either hasn't done that well or didn't open on many Screens? I notice that the Cinema I saw it at has dropped it after this Thursday. It's my own, personal, Film Of The Year (So Far...) and I'm looking forward to seeing it again in April.

  4. Dallas: always ask me before making any decisions.
    Urban Cynic: I agree.
    Binary: we got Crazy Heart (in digital) from Friday!

  5. Yeah, I just saw it on the Website. AWESOME! To be fair to the Crawley Cineworld, it was one of the better 35mm Multiplex projections I've seen recently... Can't wait to see and hear it in Digital, though - it's got a cracking soundtrack! Thank You!

  6. and I shall be following your advice and playing Shutter Island as a late night screening in the next programme...