Saturday, 20 March 2010


On Monday I head out to Toulouse, in France, for a 3-day workshop for exhibitors and distributors called Cine Sin Fronteras (Cinema Without Borders), which is a project from the good folk at CICAE (who organise the Venice training for managers I attended last summer). There is Latin American Film Festival, Cine Latino, happening in the background, so hopefully I'll be seeing a lot of Latin American films, including Oscar nominee LA TETA ASUSTADA from Peru and Mexican feature ALAMAR.

I'll be discussing with other European exhibitors different ideas to strengthen the market for Latin American cinema in Europe and European cinema in Latin America. My own project is related to CINE ESTELI, which all of you have heard me talking up non-stop. The second part of the CSF project takes place in October, when we fly out to Valdivia in Chile to talk to our Latin American counterparts.

I'll be blogging as much as I can about Toulouse, so stay tuned...hasta pronto!


  1. It's brilliant to hear about your campaign to save Esteli's cinema! It's really sad to hear it might be closing. I was wondering if any other cinemas are taking part in fundraising efforts for the campaign? Because I was thinking that it might be worth asking the Cube Cinema in Bristol if they would also do a fundraising screening. Bristol's got quite a lot of links with Nicaragua and Esteli..

  2. Since childhood I passionated film. I remember going to the Cine Esteli caused me a great emotion, it seemed to me incredible, indescribable. I have many memories. If I could do something to help, I would love.

  3. Thanks for the comments - join our facebook group - Cine Esteli fan page - you can follow what's happening and help out there...