Monday, 19 July 2010

UK Box Office 16-18 July

The box office continues its upward trend, and to the relief of the adult moviegoer, a serious blockbuster opened: INCEPTION cracked the number one spot without much difficulty. TOY STORY 3 will obviously dominate the charts tomorrow, but Warners will be happy to dominate the non-kiddie, non-tweenie market for a few weeks. The interesting thing about this chart is the incredible divide between the top three films and the rest of the chart.

1- INCEPTION (£5,903,779)
2- SHREK FOREVER AFTER (£4,189,666)
3- TWILIGHT: ECLIPSE (£3,376,216)
4- PREDATORS (£892,602)
5- GET HIM TO THE GREEK (£440,075)
6- KILLERS (£71,487)
7- HEARTBREAKER (£67,521)
8- SEX AND THE CITY 2 (£50,812)
9- LEAVING (£50,444)
10- I HATE LUV STORIES (£36,679)


  1. Re Inception;I don't know whothis film was aimed at-it icludes sophisticated Freudian dream theory,with a good sprinkling of PHilip K.Dick.I'm reasonably familiar with both,but don't recall them including many car chases and explosions in their opuses.I found the alpine sequences ludicrous,and don't if I was supposed to.I'm sure my subconscious dosen't have outliers waiting to shoot me in snowy wastes.

    The kids will find the underlying theories baffling,and the adults (this one anyway)the action boring as hell.

    Marion Cotillard was lovely-I didn't realize she was bi-lingual and I like the hommage to La Vie en Rose-speaking of bi-lingual actresses
    what happened to Leaving,which was in the brochure?


    Seat A9

  2. Thanks Jennifer for the comment. Marion Cotillard is indeed quite amazing in anything you put her in...
    Leaving is playing next week....not as many shows as Inception, but still - if it does really well, we'll bring it back again.

  3. Hello! I am Monica, I am a Journalism MA student from Spain studying in Surrey and currently working on my final project, a travel magazine. It is based on Britain and I'd love to write a piece on the Duke of York's cinema. Is there any chance that I can have a chat with you? I am writing you from my photography blog! Thanks a lot!

  4. Who was this film aimed at, Jennifer? ME, clearly - as I loved every minute of it! (Was in your seat today - hope you don't mind?!) Can't wait to see it again! I'd heard bad things about the Alpine scenes, too - but I thought they were more Where Eagles Dare than The Spy Who Loved Me! For a Summer Blockbuster with Arthouse pretentions, it doesn't take itself too seriously, either - "WHOSE subconscious are we in, again?!" I agree that it's far from Nolan's masterpiece - but who else is making movies like this? Where has Spielberg disappeared to? (Is anyone REALLY excited about Tintin?!)
    Fantastic digital presentation, too, Jon - I presume the Multiplexes will have their "digital" screens reserved for 3D Cartoons...

  5. Hi Monica yes shoot me an email at barrenechea.jon at googlemail dot com

    Binary - I knew you'd like it

  6. hello! sorry to bother you again, it's Monica. I've emailed you the questions, hope you have gotten them! Thanks a lot for your time.


  7. Hello Binary-I think you must have gone to the showing after me;I hope I left the place tidy and the seat dry(don't panic!I spilt coffee over myself and the seat-don't tell Jon).I have to admit that I've never seen Where Eagles Dare-I suppose because I've never been a boy,and am unlikely to become one at my age.On the principle that I'll watch anything once except Sex and the City I must seek it out whenit's next on the telly.For a funny + touching film about getting into people's minds how about Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind