Monday, 12 July 2010

Uk Box Office 9-11 July

These figures include the TWILIGHT previews, which add about £6 million to its overall figures. Nonetheless, its impressive. The real winner this weekend is HEARTBREAKER, which on its second week saw a £4,423 screen average. This shows that foreign language need not be a barrier at the box office if the film is appealing to audiences. This coming week, the box office is coming back with a vengeance, as the World Cup is over, and big budget adult films like INCEPTION open.

1- TWILIGHT (£13,686,987)
2- SHREK FOREVER AFTER (£4,565,635)
3- PREDATORS (£1,644,386)
4- GET HIM TO THE GREEK (£606,965)
5- KILLERS (£157,603)
6- SEX AND THE CITY 2 (£103,332)
7- HEARTBREAKER (£85,527)
8- I HATE LUV STORIES (£78,353)
9- PRINCE OF PERSIA (£48,268)
10- THE TOOTH FAIRY (£45,180)


  1. I saw the Twilight, Prince of Persia and Heartbreaker. I loved Twilight :) Its better than both of these.

  2. Predators was a real disappointment. Looked like a Pilot for a TV Show that didn't get picked up. Movies like this are meant to be FUN, right? It wasn't.
    Inception... Are we nearly there yet?!
    Signed up at:
    Hope you don't mind - sounds like a Dukes Movie to me...