Monday, 5 July 2010

Uk Box Office 2-4 July

Finally some juice into the box! TWILIGHT and SHREK bring audiences back into cinemas. It probably helps that England are out of the World Cup. The figures below don't include TWILIGHT previews, which are pretty spectacular and sapped ticket sales from every other release.

1- SHREK FOREVER AFTER (£5,947,369)
2- GET HIM TO THE GREEK (£1,041,847)
3- KILLERS (£273,034)
4- SEX AND THE CITY 2 (£209,945)
5- I HATE LUV STORIES (£200,744)
6- HEARTBREAKER (£105,612)
7- PRINCE OF PERSIA (£91,723)
8- DEATH AT A FUNERAL (£66,740)
9- THE COLLECTOR (£64,421)
10- WHATEVER WORKS (£48,807)


  1. That's a depressing list... somebody make a decent film please!

    I'd rather fork my own eye out than see Twilight; I've seen the trailer & that's supposed to be the best bit! Horrendous.

    Loves Whatever Works though - shame nobody else did looking at that list.

  2. Wow. Two films I have never even heard of in the top ten. 'I Hate Luv Stories' is (looking it up quickly) a Bollywood film, but what on earth of 'The Collector'? Hell of a drop off between 2 and 3.