Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Uk Box Office 23-25 July

The UKFC's demise on Monday distracted me from my box office duties. Here they are:

1- Toy Story 3 (£21,187,264)
2- Inception (£4,172,568)
4- Shrek Forever After (£1,223,759)
5- The Rebound (£360,015)
6- Predators (£305,424)
7- Khatta Meetha (£124,104)
8- Get Him To The Greek (£119,424)
9- Splice (£110,225)
10- Leaving (£39,409)

No surprises there: TOY STORY 3 wipes the floor clean with everyone, taking more than the rest of the list combined. INCEPTION holds up very well - proving that word of mouth is all you need sometimes.

1 comment:

  1. Saw Inception for the second time, last night, at a packed-out Six Thirty show! I'm guessing there were a lot of people seeing it for the second, third or even fourth time... It even got a round of applause!
    Couldn't justify the trip to the Crawley Cineworld to see Splice. Shame, as I'd like to have seen it... Proper Actors, slumming it to pay the Bills - I've no problem with that. Guess there just aren't enough screens to cater for everything and everyone...