Sunday, 26 April 2009

In The Green

IN THE LOOP opened this weekend at The Dukes, one week 'off date' (ie one week after its release in other cinemas) and despite it playing at the Odeon, and sunny weather, is doing spectacular business.

What does this tell us? 1) In The Loop appeals to an adult, discerning audience. 2) They don't mind waiting to see it at The Dukes and 3) There is enough room in Brighton for the multiplex and us to survive.

That rare ocassion, a British film with no major stars, with five star reviews and solid box office, In The Loop opened with a £4,509 screen average (compare that to the number one movie, Monsters Vs Aliens, which had a £3,979 average over the same weekend) and benefited from the Damian McBride scandal breaking the same week it was released.

Results from this weekend at the Dukes are set to be around the same as the national opening weekend figures (as far as screen average), showing the film has legs and is getting fantasticly positive word of mouth.

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