Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Best Film of the Year?

This month Sight and Sound publishes its annual round up of the best films of the year, where over 100 critics and academics rate their Top 5 films of 2009. The system is very flawed, as it includes films that only critics at festivals could see, or films that haven't been released theatrically this year (but will in 2010).

Also, many critics intentionally mention films that they know have no chance of distribution in a last ditch attempt to gain some notoriety for titles that would otherwise dissappear.

That said, the highest rated feature of 2009 according to the most respected and acclaimed people that write about films is A PROPHET. Released in January next year, you lucky people can see it at The Dukes on Sunday as it's the closing film of the CINECITY Film Festival. Directed by Jacques Audiard (who crafted the superb THE BEAT THAT MY HEART SKIPPED) this is an enjoyable, powerful, masterful movie that remains proof that artistry need not be divorced from crowd-pleasing.

As of this post, there are plenty of tickets left for A PROPHET, so come on down and see for yourself if this, in fact, the best film of 2009 (or 2010?).


  1. Can't make Sunday Night - will you be showing it in 2010?
    Oh... Moon, Let The Right One In, A Serious Man, Anvil! and Inglourious Basterds - with The White Ribbon and Where The Wild Things Are still to come...

  2. I'm glad to see someone else agrees abut Inglourious Basterds-I think this was a severe degree of critics 'He's got above himself syndrome-JuDging by the reviews this was an appalling film-but I enjoyed it a lot-and Christoph Waltz was amazing