Monday, 7 December 2009

UK Box Office 4-6 Dec

This week PARANORMAL finally booted Bella and Edward off the top slot, as the marketing campaign of people experiencing 'strange' events after seeing the film takes a life of its own on, including an amusing (and completely false) anecdote about Spielberg getting locked in his office after seeing it. New releases this week include the sub-par animated PLANET 51, Richard Kelly's THE BOX, and ME AND ORSON WELLES which came in just outside the top 10. A SERIOUS MAN, with just 80 prints (expanded from an initial 50) has surpassed £1 million, not bad for such a limited release. Next week, WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE will smash its way to the top spot.

2- TWILIGHT: NEW MOON (£1,624,049)
3- A CHRISTMAS CAROL (£1,526,476)
4- PLANET 51 (£1,097,530)
6- 2012 (£878,297)
7- NATIVITY (£687,348)
8- THE BOX (£474,935)
9- THE DESCENT PART 2 (£241,246)
10- A SERIOUS MAN (£233,357)

1 comment:

  1. A Serious Man was just stunning - why can't ALL films be made by the Coen Brothers?! Paranormal Activity was creepy... but really not that scary. Word of mouth should do for The Box - totally unnecessary sub-plots padding out a fine hour-long TV Movie into a bloated and confused Feature Film.
    Can't wait to go on the Where The Wild Things Are diet... I'm hoping to lose 30 Years...