Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Looking For Eric

As Charles Gant describes in his blog at The Guardian, LOOKING FOR ERIC didn't take off as its distributor Icon, had hoped for.

Heavy TV advertising and a wide release of 239 prints across the country, plus an intense press tour from Cantona himself didn't bring the average moviegoer out.

The good weather is holding (at least outside of London) and given that it's so early in the summer, audiences are not taking the sun for granted. So a combination of good word of mouth and rain are the only things that can take ERIC into hit category.


  1. It's a bit of a peculiarity this one-the football demographic is a bit too young to really know much about Cantona-superficially it's not going to draw in the female punters(ecxept those like me who will watch anything as long as it's quality)-and the Ken Loach legend is difficult and dour;plus,I don't think it's one of his best,by a long way,although people aren't going to know that before they go;the narrative structure is all over the place;having said which,my son said the DOY's was pretty full on Satu.rday evening,and I found the monday matinee more populated than usual.It doesn't seem to be on at the Odeon and most people would rather ignore the whole thing than visit that dank unwelcoming pit at the Marina-good luck with it,anyway

  2. Thanks for your comments. I think once you've seen the film its good nature is so contagious that you are convinced others will love it too...self-delusion is powerful.