Saturday, 13 June 2009

Wide or Deep?

Reading Seth Godin's Blog I came across this post which really made me think about the way we do business at The Duke of York's.

In it, Seth argues that a business can either go deep (specialising in one area, becoming an appointment destination - for us, that would be making our core arthouse programme a bigger part of our offer) or wide (offering a little bit of everything to everyone, which is what I think we're doing).

Mainstream films, crossover films, arthouse films, repertory, documentary, events, music, comedy, opera, theatre, even TV broadcasts (Eurovision). This is a brief (but not complete) summary of what we offer at The Dukes. You could extend it to the food and beverage - we sell Stella, but also Harvey's Pale Ale. We sell M&M's, but also homemade cake.

I personally think that given our position as the only independent cinema in Brighton, we have a duty to serve multiple audiences for multiple reasons. Perhaps a wider offer would help other struggling cinemas across the country? (God knows there are plenty of them)

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