Thursday, 13 August 2009

Cinemas of the UK, unite!

Cinema Business is reporting today that the CEA has "confirmed plans to establish a digital funding group to negotiate financial support for small and medium-sized UK cinema operators to convert to digital cinema technology."

This is after the roadshow the CEA and the UKFC carried out, which I attended and reported here. It makes sense to pool resources and financing in order to get a better deal and salvage the indies which can't afford all the kit the majors are buying like so much candy.

Some small exhibitors are holding out and feel that this digital stuff is just a 'phase'. Why shouldn't they? 35mm has survived as a format in the industry for 100 years. Name one relevant example in another sector - apart from the gas-powered car engine(which is also on its way out). That said, I too think it's all over for celluloid and they better adapt or in a really awful Darwinian turn of events, disappear.

Phil Clapp from the CEA says: "I urge all of those small and medium-sized cinema operators who have not yet done so to show similar commitment and to join us in this hugely important endeavour."

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