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Monday, 10 August 2009

UK Box Office 7-9 August

Despite mounting bad buzz and terrible reviews, the $175 million action franchise GI JOE: RISE OF THE COBRA (by the way, these toys were great when I was a kid) knocked HARRY POTTER off the number one spot this weekend. With even worse reviews, THE UGLY TRUTH, starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler, came in at number three. The only other new entry in the Top 10 is horror thriller ORPHAN (the creepy girl you've seen on bus stops everywhere). COCO BEFORE CHANEL at 10 surpassed the £1 million mark, a landmark for foreign language films. MOON, with only 55 prints, is slowly approaching £1 million gross with £880,000 so far all based on word of mouth. We had customers driving from all over the South Coast to see it. MESRINE:KILLER INSTINCT didn't crack the charts but did a respectable £124,000.

1- GI Joe - £1,427,594 (with previews £1,708,000)
2- Harry Potter - £1,263,750
3- The Ugly Truth - £1,250,769 (with previews £1,978,007)
4- G-Force 3D - £900,155 + £323,710 in 2D (£1,223,865 total)
5- The Proposal - £756,106
6- Taking of Pelham 123 - £663,802
7- Orphan - £570,147
8- Ice Age 3 - £410,710
9- The Hangover - £278,921
10- Coco Before Chanel - £248,532

PS - My prediction of a £10-£12 million gross for PUBLIC ENEMIES was way off, as it has grossed only £6.8 million in six weeks on release.


  1. Moon is my Film Of The Year (So Far!) I've now seen it THREE TIMES (Ritzy, Dukes, Brighton Cineworld - sorry!)Love to see it as a Late Night Movie (hint, hint!) before I have to make do with it on DVD.
    Shame about Public Enemies - which I really enjoyed. I'm surprised that it was critisized by Kermode, and others, for the "Digital" cinematography - I thought this was one of the most outstanding aspects of the movie...
    Will spend a great deal of my last day on shift, tomorrow, looking forward to seeing the first part of Mesrine from Row A on either Wednesday or Thursday...

  2. what a depressing list........
    what does it all mean?

  3. It means we're in August and this is Hollywood's dumping ground for crappy 'family' films. Don't worry. Good big things are coming....

  4. Binary Sunset(Pink Floyd?)-I think you'll enjoy Mesrine-I saw it this pm(from the front row,naturally),and loved every minute of it-it has its fair share of corn(that score) and Faure's Requiem signalling that the poor disabled man is going to meet a bad end,but as pure popcorn entertainment I haven't seen its equal for a long time-just waiting for the second part where the villain gets his comeuppance.It puzzles me that some critics have detected charm in such a despicable character.You will have fun tracing all the cinematic references-I saw the Battle of Algiers ,Casino,most of Melville,Thelma & Louise,John ford,and Shawshank-maybe Hunger,if the productions didn't overlap,but certainly the Bobby Sands situation.I expect Jon,as a film school graduate will be able to supply us with more

  5. Binary Sunset is a reference to my favourite scene in my favourite movie: Star Wars (and none of that Episode VI: A New Hope nonsense, either...) Will be "Down the Front" tomorrow or Friday...

  6. Typo: Yes, I know it should be IV not VI!

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