Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Film Quiz Part 4

PARK CIRCUS is the leading distributor of classic and repertory cinema in the UK, and they specialise in the digital restoration of the full cannon, including the upcoming THE GODFATHER re-release. Mark Truesdale is the Sales and Marketing Executive of the Glasgow-based company.

Favorite cinema in the country?

There's a few. Queen's Film Theatre back at home in Belfast. The Belmont up in Aberdeen, but my local haunt these days is the Glasgow Film Theatre. Great, great cinema.

First memory of cinema going?

WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? at the Strand cinema in Belfast when I was 5. I was under the impression I was going to watch a mild mannered cartoon and remember leaving the cinema shaking with fear. Christopher Lloyd has a lot to answer for, he caused many a late-night in the Truesdale household.

What's your most exciting/scary/weird moviegoing experience?
I've had plenty. THE RED SHOES in Cannes with Scorsese was fantastic. LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE at the Grosvenor in Glasgow was great. I worked there and it ran for 10 weeks or so. I never tired of standing at the back of the screens and watching the audience double over with laughter at the dance scene. That shared experience the big screen can offer sums up what cinema is all about for me.
I also witnessed a rather pathetic fist fight between two 40 year old housewives during an ICE AGE 2 screening. The 100 cheering children only added to an already bizarre situation. I love Glasgow.

What's the film you've worked on you are proudest of?
THE GODFATHER which isn't even out yet but it's the first film since starting with Park Circus I've been involved with from inception to release. The feed back we've got back already has been great. Plus everyone and their grandmother are going to want one of the posters...

What one thing could the film industry do to be more successful in the UK?
I think more digital screens is the way forward, especially in the smaller cinemas. It broadens the scope of what they can show and will hopefully become more cost effective in the future. Having said that I don't think 35mm is going anywhere, it'll be around until the end of time. If (God forbid) there is a nuclear holocaust tomorrow you can be sure there would be two survivors. Cockroaches and 35mm film prints.

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