Monday, 31 August 2009

Venice, Day 2

Today was the first proper day of training (and of getting to know the other delegates- the chap in the pic is my roomie, Francesco). Our first job is to organise a travelling Latin American film festival - and propose it to the European funders. It's difficult to concentrate with such a breathtaking backdrop - but who's complaining.

Some fantastic artwork is being built as we speak all around us - as the island doubles as one of the pavillions for the Biennale. Check out the spaceship!

Tonight we have what can only be described as an experiment in chemistry: every delegate has brought one bottle from their country, which is going to be (presumably) consumed at a party called 'One Nation/One Bottle'. I fear for tomorrow morning's session.

1 comment:

  1. I hope you've brought a bottle of Harvey's! I go back to my regular job tomorrow - not that I'm jealous, you understand!?! In your next post can you at least PRETEND that you're working? Ha ha ha! Read up on The Road today - hope it meets with your approval and we see it at The Duke's in January.