Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Film Quiz, Part 1

I'll be running a series of interviews with different people in the exhibition/distribution sector, always with the same five questions. Our first victim is Ben Luxford, a Brightonian and long-time Dukes customer, who previously worked at Optimum Releasing and now runs Theatrical Sales at Artificial Eye, the purveyors of top arthouse fare such as ANTICHRIST and THE CLASS, to mention just a couple.

What's your first moviegoing memory?
Being on holiday in Wales and it being too wet to do anything other than watch Masters of the Universe which I’d been stamping my feet about seeing anyhow. It was a joy. I believe this was at The Coliseum in Brecon.

Best cinema in the country?

I’m biased in saying the Duke of York's as it was my local growing up, so I have been spoilt in that respect. I’ve also spent far too many hours loitering in the Bristol Watershed, Edinburgh Filmhouse and Greenwich Picturehouse. I’m also a big fan of multiplexes such as the Arclight and Grove in Los Angeles and the UK’s Vue Cinemas in Islington, Bristol Cribbs Causeway and Shepherd’s Bush. Good seats, good sound and proper big screens. Odeon Leicester Square is always a treat as well.

Most exciting/strange/scary filmgoing experience?

I enjoyed a few years back watching the reissue of WILDSTYLE at the Duke of Yorks when all the mid-late thirty Brighton B-boys turned out in force and were breakin’ in the aisles. The opening night of JACKIE BROWN at the Dukes was one of the most electric screenings I can remember being in.

Favorite film to have been involved with?
PAN'S LABRYINTH. From the first screening in Cannes it was clear it was always going to be something very special. I was really pleased to contribute to the success of THIS IS ENGLAND as well – i’d always been a fan of Shane Meadows and thought it was about time the British public showed him some support.

Name one thing that would make the industry more succesful?
More Cinema screens.

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