Friday, 16 October 2009

In the Back Row

My partner Nikki and I had our first date at the Odeon Leicester Square (X-Men 2, not that I remember the plot) a few years back, and many Dukes customers often tell me about their first dates in the back rows of our cinema. Imagine if we showed more 'date' movies!
A new survey commisioned by the Evil Empire (I beg your pardon, I mean the Odeon) reveals what most of us already knew: that people like kissing in the dark. We've had proposals and weddings at the Dukes, and hopefully that's all...
On that note, a new book has been published, called BACK ROW BRIGHTON, which has collected memories of movie-going in Brighton. There's a whole chapter on us.

So next time you're with a loved (or lusted) one, kick back, get comfortable, and keep your hands to yourself.

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