Monday, 5 October 2009

UK Box Office 2-4 Oct

Once again FAME stays on top, beating Ricky Gervais for the number one position. 3D films continue to take a lot of money, including the reissue of TOY STORY in 3D. I saw this in Venice and think it's the best 3D so far. Incredible that a 15 year old kids' movie can take over a million quid in a marketplace filled with children's product. That's PIXAR for you. Good to see DISTRCT 9 cleaning up, five weeks after release.

The other new release this week, PANDORUM, seems better suited for a straight-to-video release, and frankly didn't deserve even the palrty £350K it took. And then something as classy, smart and engaging as ARMY OF CRIME takes a tenth of that. Oh well.

1- FAME (£1,784,109)
2- THE INVENTION OF LYING (£1,734,427)
3- TOY STORY 3D (£1,391,309)
5- SURROGATES (£591,804)
6- DISTRICT 9 (£404,374)
7- PANDORUM (£345,945)
8- 500 DAYS OF SUMMER (£245,610)
9- THE SOLOIST (£208,962)
10- DORIAN GRAY (£139,432)

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  1. Ah, but will Fame "live forever"?! (Sorry! Couldn't resist!) That District 9 has been out a while and STILL takes more than Pandorum speaks volumes. We Sci-Fi Geeks were due a Pandorum after D9 and Moon... I was won over by Dr. K's review of Army Of Crime and so hope to see it on Wednesday (on a RUBBISH shift rotation at the moment!)
    Glad to see you FURTHER labouring the point that you are right and I'm wrong about 3-D! A bit annoyed that CineWEIRD is intent on charging me EXTRA to see a 3-D Movie on top of my "Unlimited" Card...
    If Gervais's (or is it Gervais'?) next film is The Emperor's New Clothes, I wouldn't be surprised... I'll leave it at that...