Thursday, 22 October 2009

UP and away

Tonight I popped over to the Odeon to see UP in 3D. I usually don't review films here, as this blog is about the business, not a critic's corner. However, I feel that this film turns a corner in many ways - artistically, yes, but also with wider ramifications for the business. Has Pixar beat Cameron to the industry-changing film of 2009?

The film itself is by far the best Pixar picture - and I rate WALL-E very highly indeed. It doesn't play by the rules of conventional Disney or even Hollywood rules, with unlikely heroes, bizzare plot lines, dark twists and quirky turns that don't exactly seek to please small children.

The technology itself is almost as memorable as the miracle that is the film. I have seen almost all the 3D releases and this is by far the best of the bunch. The true test is that I quickly became used to the marvellous three-dimensionality and completely forgot I was wearing the clunky REAL-D glasses.

If anyone had any doubts about the future of 3D, Pixar's complete embracement of the technology and their careful and deliberate use of these new colours on their palette should erase those concerns. You'll have noticed that in last box office figures that UP's release played as follows: 35% of the cinemas played in 3D, yet 65% of the revenue from the film came from that 35%. People, when given the choice overwhelmingly are choosing 3D. End of story.


  1. Loved this film! I haven't laughed out loud like this at the cinema in a long time. Instant classic


  2. I agree that it's Pixar's best film to date. Wall-E opens magnificently but descends into an extended knockaround chase scene.
    I was less convinced by 3D. It didn't seem any better than watching Michael Jackson's Captain Eo at the Epcot Center all those years ago.

  3. When are you gonna be showing films in 3-D? Would any of the 3-D movies you've seen fit in with your ecclectic mix of Crossover Titles, Arthouse Movies and Classics? Tarseem, Del Toro and Gilliam - LOVE to see these guys working in the new format!