Thursday, 15 October 2009


Sorry for the lack of posts. I am at University until Saturday (just started the second year of my MA in Arts & Cultural Management) so have piles of books to read and miles of reports to scan.
I am also quite busy trying to save Cine Esteli, a cinema in the Nicaraguan town of Esteli, where I spent my high school years. I saw BLUE VELVET here nearly 20 years ago and although it's no art deco palace, it holds a special place in my cinematic memories, and of course more importantly, its the only cinema in that part of the country and deserves to remain open (and not turned into a supermarket, as it might).
Anyway - more on that later.
In the meantime, I thought you'd be amused by Cineworld's pathetic and counter-productive efforts to stop piracy at their cinemas - as narrated by Jeremy Nicholas.


  1. I hope you succeed-reminds me of one of the extras on 4 months,3 weeks,etc,which I have just watched;the director had to drag a sort of caravan around Rumania in order that his own people could see a film about their own country,because the cinemas are so few and far between;it seems that in developing countries the moneymakers are well entrenched;their motto is supermarkets over cinemas

  2. Would this be the Cinema ?

  3. I know it's not even in the same league as your beloved cinema, but I visited the Isle Of Wight recently (on a nostalgia trip) and discovered that the cinema where, as a child, I saw the Star Wars Trilogy, The Black Hole (one of MY guilty pleasures, by the way!), E.T. and a re-release of The Jungle Book has had its heart torn out and been unceremoniously turned into a Yates's! If you're considering holding a Benefit, at The Duke's, may I suggest Cinema Paradiso? (I'm not that well-versed in Nicaraguan Cinema, I'm afraid!)
    We are very lucky, in this country, to still have cinemas that verge on National Treasure status - and hold special memories for all of us. Besides The Grand Old Duke, my own personal favourites are The Royal Playhouse in Tenby (for rainy nights on British holidays!)
    And The Forum, in Northamptonshire, which was my sanctuary during the Nine Years I spent in the East Midlands.
    I, too, am an Unlimited cardholder; and I regularly walk in, unchallenged, with a Rucksack containing my Notebook (They're not a bad bunch, down at the Marina, to be fair.) The best way, in my humble opinion, that piracy can be thwarted is to offer the best possible standards of service and presentation - a lesson that the Multiplexes could learn from the Independants I've mentioned above...