Thursday, 29 October 2009

Moviegoing Parisian Style

Today I went to see DISTRICT 9 at the UGC Les Halles in Paris. It's a 25-screen mega-multiplex buried in the heart of the concrete monstrosity that is the Forum Les Halles. Right next to the UGC is the Cinema Biblioteque Francois Truffaut and the Forum Les Images, an arthouse cinema. Before you judge me, know that I have been meaning to see D9 for months and that I don't speak French.
The only problem I ran into was understanding when the aliens spoke, as the only subtitles were in French. Other than that, the film, as so many others have pointed out, is fantastic and instantly enters my Top 10 for the year. It's rare to see such a perfect balance of ideas, action, style and substance in a single two hour package.
Nikki and me are hoping to visit some other cinemas before we leave (she wisely skipped today's screening to go swimming) and I shall update you on any of those visits.
Au revoir!


  1. Do the French really stay in their seats right up until the end of the credits (and as Philip French of the Observer reportedly does) - or is this just a myth? Sometimes I do - if the music is good or if I'm curious about a particular song on the soundtrack - but I feel a bit self-conscious with the lights up and a member of staff walking around with a Black Sack...

  2. I sometimes do-depends on whether I have a train to catch-simply because I am curious about locations,which usually comes at the end;also I like to make sure I've picked up all my rubbish(having seen the staff trying to cope after a schools showing)