Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Digital Economy Bill

Even as I write this, there is a late night debate happening at the House of Commons on the Digital Economy Bill, which is being rushed through without proper scrutiny or debate. All you need to do is switch on BBC Parliament to see the small amount of MPs present.

There are many troubling aspects to this bill, most of which make record companies and movie studios happy but seem to punish collectively all Internet users. Now I am no expert on the technicalities, (you can find a great letter to Des Turner addressing the specifics here) but the biggest opposition to the bill regard the disconnection of Internet connections with no right to appeal if someone is suspected of copyright infringement (check details here), it turns ISP providers into spies on their own customers, and in general is a clampdown on internet freedom and a big stomp on the creative industries and their possibilities for new business models.

I am no advocate of piracy. I would never download a film for free and watch it at home, I understand that every cinema ticket sold, every rental of a DVD and every legal, copyright-protected viewing of a film makes sure that films get made. It makes sure cinemas stay open. It makes sure that my favorite filmmakers (from Michael Mann to Ken Loach) have a job. But at the same time, burying our heads in the sand and pretending that the way people consume entertainment isn’t changing radically would be a mistake.

I know for a fact that thousands of Brightonians, many of whom work in new media and the creative industries, have written to their MPs opposing the bill. I too oppose this bill not only for its sleazy stand on human rights, but also because I believe that the future for content providers is through the free flow of information on the internet, not the establishment of 20th century business models in a platform that will not and can not sustain them. If you want to find out more or get involved in protecting your digital rights, visit the Open Rights Group.

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  1. Howdy.....i just your blog post about the digital economy concerned me greatly...i try and shy away from politics, but this seems pretty messed up! seriously do think people should take it?...will it be a law that will be enforced and indeed can it?.....if it can then then the situation is royally fucked....cos how do you seriously plan on policing the downloading habits of internet users....could be scary if they find a way?....or is this just another ploy to get people interested in an otherwise relatively uninteresting upcoming general election?

    either way....dont the sound of this thing...and it is a shame that all this is happening without people being aware of it...i suppose this is another example of how out of touch current politics is with current people?...u get me?

    just some thoughts....and this strange hour!....cheers