Monday, 12 April 2010

UK Box Office 9-11 April

This week continues to be dominated by family-friendly films, with CLASH, DRAGON, NANNY and ALICE all in the top 5. Drew Barrymore failed to make a big impression with her roller derby directorial debut WHIP IT!. Not in the Top 10 but with higher per screen averages this week are I AM LOVE (£4,500 per screen) and THE INFIDEL (£3,200 per screen average).

1 - CLASH OF THE TITANS (£2,434,983)
2 - HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON (£1,396,100)
3 - KICK ASS (£1,186,450)
4 - NANNY MCPHEE & THE BIG BANG (£1,177,394)
5 - ALICE IN WONDERLAND (£673,300)
6 - BLIND SIDE (£537,821)
7 - REMEMBER ME (£519,325)
8 - WHIP IT! (£351,
9 - SHUTTER ISLAND (£336,155)
10 - BOUNTY HUNTER (£222,627)


  1. Only caught up with Kick-Ass yesterday... What a cool movie! Fantastic digital presentation, by the way - why isn't THIS a bigger deal than 3-D?! If the Multiplexes clog up their "digital" screens with moronic 3-D fare, I'll have to put up with below-par 35mm versions of movies (especailly those shot on the Red One camera) that were MEANT to be seen projected digitally! All this so they can show retro-fitted 3-D films like Clash Of The Titans! Madness!
    And... Rest... Rant over. I feel a bit better for it...
    Keep up the good work. Are you gonna be screening Samson & Delilah?

  2. Yup not only do we do all the big movies but we can also do stuff like Double Take, No One Knows About Persian Cats, Samson & Delilah, The Calling, Erasing David, Mugabe & The White African, City of Life and Death, La Danse, etc etc....thank god and the UKFc for our digital projector