Friday, 16 April 2010

Venice, the Sequel

Some of you will remember last year I was in Venice for a training course for arthouse managers. I blogged about it, and it was a career-changing experience. Mostly, because of the people I met. Cinema managers, programmers, projectionists, exhibitors of all shapes and sizes from all over Europe. It's a network of people that I am still in touch with almost every day - personally, but also professionally. I learned a lot, and developed about two or three projects off the back of it.

This year, I return to the Island on the coordinating team, (aka 'Dream Team') which is a selection of some of the trainees from last year. I'll be reunited with my roomate Francesco, and also Julie, Manuele, Cathleen and of course Sylvie and Sylvia...

The training takes place on an idyllic island called San Servolo in the Venice bay, during the Mostra Film Festival, with workshops in four languages, lectures, seminars and with a huge short film festival called Circuito Off happening in the background. But it's no holiday: there is a lot of work, and you're expected to put in a a good eight hours every day.

I'd encourage any exhibitors reading this to apply. The deadline runs until the 30th April for applications. Check it out here.

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