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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

UK Box Office 2-5 April

The long weekend brought huge riches for cinemas across the country, with four full days in which to attract audiences and a varied slate of releases. The winner is CLASH OF THE TITANS, which despite terrible reviews and a lot of criticism about its retro-fitted 3D, proved once again that the appetite for 3D refuses to go away despite the cries of 'gimmick'. And it still left some space for HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, which took what would in any other week be a number one spot gross. KICK ASS fared less well despite the really clever Universal campaign - its 15 certficate shut out a lot of the Easter holiday audience.

1- CLASH OF THE TITANS (£7,407,607)
2- HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON (£5,647,789)
3- KICK ASS (£4,530,017 - this includes a whole week of previews)
4- NANNY MCPHEE 2 (£3,601,402)
5- ALICE IN WONDERLAND (£1,796,494)
6- THE BLIND SIDE (£1,339,391)
7- REMEMBER ME (£1,286,404)
8- SHUTTER ISLAND (£915,014)
9- BOUNTY HUNTER (£672,394)
10- THE SPY NEXT DOOR (£377,034)

1 comment:

  1. First time I can remember the Brighton CineWEIRD not offering a 2-D alternative during a film's openining week, too.
    Stick "3-D" on the poster and people might not notice "Titans Will Clash". Worst. Tagline. Ever!
    Still, there's something for everyone in the Top Ten (and elsewhere) - so I suppose we should be thankful.