Friday, 6 November 2009

Film Quiz with Phil Wilding

Philip Wilding is a journalist, broadcaster, podcaster, blogger and now author (Cross Country Murder Song is his debut novel, out soon) who I came to know through the hilarious Perfect 10 with Phill & Phil, a podcast recorded with the fantastic Mr Phill Jupitus which made its live debut at The Dukes in May. He kindly took time out from hassling blondes and drinking lager to answer some questions for us.

What is your favourite cinema in the country?

Yours (the Dukes) for many reasons, not least it’s where I did my first proper live gig and it sold out, it’s a beautiful room too and full of people who appreciate and love film. Score!

What is your first memory of moviegoing?

Watching Peter Pan and asking my mother to turn it over as the ticking crocodile was scaring me, the whole cinema laughed. People can be such bastards...

What is your strangest/scariest/most exciting moviegoing experience?
I once attacked a man while watching Batman Begins for talking on his mobile as the film was playing, I wish I’d killed him, the asshole.

What film or film-related project have you been involved with that you’re proudest of?
I’m very proud of the fact that I write for Empire, I literally just interviewed Andy Serkis before I wrote this and I didn’t feel like I wasted his time with my questions, that’s always a proud moment when you’re talking to someone who’s working a day long junket.

What’s one thing the UK film industry could do to improve success?

Make better films, some are inspired, a lot are just fucking risible.

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