Wednesday, 18 November 2009

UKFC announces cuts

The UK Film Council (UKFC) is cutting its budgets left and right. The one that has the most impact, from our own perspective, is the massive cut in the Prints & Advertising fund, which existed to support specialised cinemas' chances in distribution. This is indeed bad news for smaller films with a shot at a wider audience.

Of course we're in a new era of recession and fiscal discipline, yet it always baffles me that there seems to be money for some things (banks) and not for others (cinema), and even the little money available for this particular area goes to London-centric projects (the new BFI centre) and of course, as always, no support for exhibition.

When all the independent and arthouse cinemas in the UK have closed down and there is nowhere for the new Mike Leigh, Ken Loach or Andrea Arnold film to go - what future will the industry have beyond the US-backed Harry Potters and James Bonds?

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