Thursday, 19 November 2009


When TERMINATOR: SALVATION opened in May this year, the consensus was that it was a terrible movie. That didn't stop it from making a ton of money, but still, I didn't expect much from the man who brought us CHARLIE'S ANGELS: FULL THROTTLE.

So I popped the DVD in (out on Monday) last night with zero expectations, and was surprised to find it wasn't the worse film ever made. Full of plot holes and slightly irrational characters, it was nonetheless enjoyable - I wasn't bored at any point. It certainly had a lot more going for it than the other big robot movie this year, TRANSFORMERS 2. Of course nothing can replicate the Cameron double punch of T1 & T2, but that's a pretty high standard.

So, I've got a really cool box set with a real life size T-600 head and a Blu-Ray of the film to give away if anyone wants to give the movie a second chance. Email with JOHN CONNOR in the title with the answer to the following question:

- Which actor played Kyle Reese in THE TERMINATOR (1984)?

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