Sunday, 1 November 2009

Moviegoing Parisian Style, Part 3

Last night we spent our final evening in Paris (not the whole night mind, we did other stuff too) in one of the city's legendary independent cinemas, LE CHAMPO. Appropriately, for Halloween, we got tickets for the 20th Anniversary print of BEETLEJUICE. Nikki had never seen it before and I hadn't in at least a decade - I wasn't sure if my fond memory of it was just an illusion. Despite a projector that clearly needed its lamp replaced, the film was fantastic, and has held up wonderfully, full of the Burtonian (?) touches which we now consider his inimitable style.

Once again, a cinema with no concession stand and a bizarre ticketing system which only allows you to buy tickets minutes before the performance. Part of the charm or just a retrograde form of exhibition? Either way, only in Paris would an all-nighter Burton marathon sell out(see poster).


  1. Tsk, there WAS a concession stand! It was a slot machine which had some of the strangest Haribo I had ever seen! You bundled me away from it, if you remember... Beautiful cinema though with great posters and Tati silhouettes...

  2. Yeah, I'd probably go for "Burtonian" over "Burtonesque"... Can't say I'm much of a fan, though - but Ed Wood was amazing!