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Monday, 30 November 2009

UK Box Office 27-29 Nov

Twilight fans must be watching NEW MOON again and again, as it has dominated the Top 10 once again, taking over £4 million over the weekend, taking its cumulative take to a spectacular £20 mil and change. One of the biggest hits of the year. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY debuted with a not unimpressive £2.5 million.
Crass action thriller LAW ABIDING CITIZEN didn't make the splash it made in the US when it opened, and Bollywood film DE DANA DHAN took an amazing £6,210 per screen, managing to slip into the Top 10 with only 48 prints.

1- TWILIGHT: NEW MOON (£4,300,533)
3- 2012 (£1,834,810)
4- A CHRISTMAS CAROL (£1,803,821)
5- LAW ABIDING CITIZEN (£1,482,949)
6- NATIVITY (£785,911)
7- HARRY BROWN (£334,410)
8- DE DANA DHAN (£298,098)
9- A SERIOUS MAN (£242,958)
10- FANTASTIC MR FOX (£221,129)

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