Monday, 9 November 2009

Uk Box Office 6-8 Nov

Robert Zemeckis' motion-capture version of A CHRISTMAS CAROL debuted at number one, with, once again, the majority of its take (£1.3 million) coming from 3D. Its overall weekend number is quite low for such a high-profile project, but I always though they released it too soon. The reason for the premature release reflects the lack of 3D screens available in the country (everyone, including City Screen, is gearing up for AVATAR).Disney had to get in early to capture that income now.

Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT remains a top earner, dispelling any notions that this was not going to be a worldwide phenomenon. How much of it is morbid fascination and how much is genuine admiration for Jackson's talents, who knows. THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS had a healthy opening and JENNIFER'S BODY qualifies as an unmitigated disaster.

1- A CHRISTMAS CAROL (£1,806,282)
2- THIS IS IT (£1,350,320)
3- UP (£1,293,662)
4- THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS (£1,206,981)
5- THE FOURTH KIND (£851,182)
6- THE FANTASTIC MR FOX (£782,855)
7- JENNIFER'S BODY (£467,069)
8- SAW VI (£345,495)
9- AN EDUCATION (£278,423)
10-COUPLES RETREAT (£213,871)

Next week sees the release of TAKING WOODSTOCK, WHITE RIBBON and 2012.

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  1. I know there were Halloween previews - but could it be that Jennifer's Body was released a week too late? Were the distributors worried about it going head-to-head with Saw VI?
    Haven't seen The Culture Show's 3-D debate yet - must head over to the BBC i-player soon. I know that Dr. K is a sceptic. I'm hoping to see BOTH versions of Avatar - that should settle it, for me.
    Be interesting to see where Harry Brown is, this time next week - it appears to be advertised on EVERY Telephone Box in Brighton!
    It's coming up to the time of year for those "crossover" movies, isn't it? Only one cinema in Brighton showing both the Digital Re-Issue of The Red Shoes AND The Room in December, though, that's for sure!?! Keep up the good work...