Monday, 23 November 2009

UK Box Office 20-22 Nov

There was no contest as TWILIGHT: NEW MOON swept away records and every other film on the Top 10 - with a whopping £11,653,328 from midnight on Thursday till Sunday evening. This was a spectacular number, no matter what the hype was. It broke records in 25 different territories, and became the second biggest weekend opening in the UK after QUANTUM OF SOLACE last year. Ouch. It's the third biggest opening weekend in US history and by far the biggest November weekend ever. On the other side of the film spectrum, the new Coen Bros movie A SERIOUS MAN debuted with a strong £5,940 screen average (it's only on 51 prints!).

1- TWILIGHT: NEW MOON (£11,653,328)
2- 2012 (£3,493,807)
3- A CHRISTMAS CAROL (£2,207,511)
4- HARRY BROWN (£723,174)
5- UP (£641,953)
6- FANTASTIC MR FOX (£453,877)
8- A SERIOUS MAN (£302,985)
9- THE FOURTH KIND (£181,105)
10- THE INFORMANT! (£177,753)

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