Thursday, 21 May 2009

Cannes Update

Tarantino's INGLORIOUS BASTERDS was never going to have an easy time with the critics, but no one expected Peter Bradshaw's one-star review in the Guardian.

Our programmer, Jason Wood, who is a Tarantino-sceptic, loved it, which gives me hope. Lately Bradshaw can't seem to give any film a middling review. It's turkey or masterpiece with him. Basterds is set to open in August and I have huge commercial expectations for this. Tarantino (despite Death Proof) still has a huge following, and is one of the few directors whose name means something to cinemagoers.

Almodovar's BROKEN EMBRACES screened to Bradshaw's approval and the film is set for a end of August bank holiday opening (the same slot Bad Education and Volver used to great success.) Working with Penelope Cruz in her new-found Oscar-winner status should guarantee huge box office. The rumours of Almodovar curating the next Brighton Festival certainly have us excited.

Other little gems that Jason has reported back on: Alan Resnais' new film, WILD REEDS, with my favorite contemporary French actor Matthew Amalric, and POLYTECHNIQUE a French film that recalls Elephant in its subject matter.

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