Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The One and Only

On Thursday 21st at 7.00pm BBC 1's THE ONE SHOW will be showing a segment about the 100 Years of the 1909 Cinematograph Act that was filmed at our cinema. It was presented by Giles Brendwith and features interviews with David Trevor Jones (head of the Cinema Theatre Association) and yours truly, plus lots of lovely footage of our cinema.


  1. you looked really healthy compared to Tony Curtis-well done:re Inglorious Bastards(I can't be bothered to remember the incorrect spelling)I think PB is Probably suffering from film overload

  2. Was that the star of Flick's Flicks that we saw buying a ticket??

  3. Not sure if looking better than Tony Curtis is something to brag about! and yes that was Felicity Ventom purchasing a ticket...